n Journal of Public Administration - Consolidating state capacity to address the dilemmas of public policy implementation

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



is a moral obligation as well as the collective responsibility of all the public service delivery agencies in all spheres of government. At the heart of these service delivery agencies are public policies that serve as government strategies for addressing the problems and challenges facing society. It is imperative for these policies to be efficiently and effectively implemented if the government is to deliver services that will ensure that the vision mentioned above is attained. This places the duty on public service delivery agencies, at all spheres of government to jointly execute public policies in a manner that will yield the best possible results for the society.

The inability of and deficiency of public organisations in implementing public policies are serious challenges and threats to achieving the vision of government as well as meeting the demands of the citizens. A series of factors ranging from organisational arrangements to procedural requirements constitute the barriers and shortcomings limiting the state's capacity to implement public policies. This paper proposes a collective and integrated approach to implementing public policies. The proposed approach requires synergised efforts and collaboration of state organisations, in all spheres of government, as a means of consolidating state capacity to execute public policies.

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