n Journal of Public Administration - Training as an essential tool for successful local government transformation : developing the culture of learning in municipalities

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



There have been major social, political and economic changes in South Africa that required organisational change and transformation. The government has put in place mechanisms to transform the public sector organisations in order for them to be capable of addressing the needs of the citizens. Municipalities are no exception in this matter. Being the closest service delivery agencies to the people, municipalities are therefore required to position themselves and conduct their business in a way that will enhance the lives of all South Africans. As clearly stated in the (1998) transformation is not a choice but an obligation placed on each municipality to fulfill its constitutional mandate and play a role in the development of the nation. This transformation implies the change in organisational structures, strategies, processes, systems and the people in municipalities. At the heart of these transformation processes are the municipal officials who play a pivotal and leading role in ensuring successful transformation. It is, therefore, required of these officials to be capable, willing and ready to effectively and proactively respond to and manage the changing circumstances in the municipal environment. Public sector transformation and change, however, is a complicated process that requires a knowledgeable, skillful and dedicated workforce to put concepts and policies into practice. In this regard training is regarded as the essential tool for transformation.The view held in this article is that continuous training is necessary for encouraging and fostering continuous learning required for successful transformation in the local sphere of government. This follows that all municipalities should be learning organisations and create an environment that will facilitate and enable officials to learn and ultimately enhance their productivity.

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