n Journal of Public Administration - Editorial

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Public administration is never in a stage of homoeostasis. Political and social conditions tend to change continuously. Even climatic changes affect the administrative systems of every country. These conditions require the reconsideration of the administrative system as well as the management practices to obtain and maintain efficient and effective service delivery in all the spheres of government. In South Africa the fabric of society had to be re-engineered with the advent of the democratising of the country in 1994. The changes required could not be completed in a mere 14 years. Re-engineering actually represents a process demanding constant consideration of the major services, but also the smallest detail. Therefore, managers in the public sector should, at no stage feel content that the transformational goals have been achieved. Similarly academics have to keep track of policy changes and more importantly also have to provide advice on international best practice as well as theoretical developments impacting on administrative systems and managerial practices. These research results could serve as valuable sources of information to policy makers and implementers thus improving service delivery as the primary goal of government.

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