n Journal of Public Administration - Framework for strengthening the capacity of municipalities in South Africa : a developmental local government perspective

Special issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



From a developmental local government perspective, this article proposes a framework for strengthening the capacity of municipalities in South Africa. The article is presented in a user-friendly manner for a wider readership and easy application in a local government set-up. The framework that the article proposes, is based on three components of organisational competency profile, namely . This intellectual exercise is set against the background that, as the article contends, most municipalities in South Africa are experiencing a major challenge in their attempts to assert themselves as developmental municipalities. For contextual reasons, the article starts with a reflection on developmental local government to acquire more insight into what it entails. In the discussion on this notion of a developmental local government the problematique that prompted this intellectual contribution to the body of knowledge is clearly enunciated. This is followed by a propositional reflection on how the capacity of municipalities in the country could be enhanced.

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