n Journal of Public Administration - The state of IDP in the Limpopo Province

Special issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Over the last number of years, it has become evident that development interventions with a strong sectoral emphasis are not adequate to deal with the complexity of developmental challenges. Instead, there has been a gradual shift towards the simultaneous - rather than sequential - pursuit of diverse objectives, such as provision of basic services, environmental sustainability, transparency and public accountability, poverty eradication and gender empowerment. The Republic of South Africa's approach to development is centred on integrated governance and has, to some extent, played an important role in accelerating service delivery in previously disadvantaged communities. This article describes and critiques the IDP institutional arrangements, process facilitation and content compilation in the Limpopo Province. This is done in a quest to develop best practices in terms of integrated development planning and service delivery. Several pieces of legislation influence the nature of planning in South Africa, all of which focus on improving integration. The article argues, therefore, that integrated development planning should be undertaken in line with the constitutional and legislative prescripts to create conditions for economic growth, and to move the poor from welfare into the workforce.

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