n Journal of Public Administration - Costing the impact of corruption on service delivery in South Africa : an exploratory overview

Volume 44, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



There has been little research conducted in South Africa on the cost of corruption in the context of the interface between public services and recipients at delivery sites. This article presents an exploratory overview of the challenges of corruption in service delivery with specific reference to impact and cost. It surveys the theory of corruption, South Africa's relative ranking in terms of the corruption perception, provides the institutional weaknesses in anti-corruption efforts and introduces a methodology for costing corruption. An interactive multiplier mechanism has been developed that could be used to quantify the cost of corruption. The article argues that the approach could then provide foundation tools for confronting corruption in an integrated and holistic manner. The significance of the discussion lies in its identification of a research agenda providing potential areas of focus and, in developing a methodology allowing for a systematic approach in the costing of corruption in service delivery.

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