n Journal of Public Administration - Managing municipal service partnerships

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The developmental municipalities have experienced challenges of limited resources and methods to provide services in an inclusive, professional and constitutional manner. The purpose of this article is to explore, describe and propose a mechanism that would enable municipalities to be more inclusive, effective, efficient, and economical in the manner in which they accelerate service delivery in the post-2009 government. In this regard, the article considers management of municipal service partnerships (MSP) as a vital democratic mechanism to continuous building and sustaining future people-centred developmental local government. The forms of MSPs are discussed, and stakeholders are identified. Government's bias towards one form of MSPs is problematic. The limitations in the Guide for Municipal Service Partnerships of 2006-2010, provides further opportunity for research on the other forms of partnerships that are not provided for in the guide.

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