n Journal of Public Administration - Ten-year review of public service transformation under the stewardship of Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi : annexure A

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



It was 31 January 2009, first day of class. At John Jay College, CUNY, I teach a course on Ethics for Public Service Professionals. I walked into the classroom to find twenty-one students waiting to meet their professor: eighteen women and three men. Although over the years the ratio of men to women has steadily declined, the preponderance of ladies had never been so marked. Of course, the subject-matter may also have been a factor - for female students, in general, have shown themselves more vocal, as well as more articulate on questions of ethics than males. Still, I took this growing imbalance of women to men as telling confirmation of a significant trend: the rapid feminisation of the public service profession.

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