n Journal of Public Administration - Impact of ipsedixitism on Public Administration scholarship in South Africa

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Usage of the word in the topic and content of this article is deliberate. The intention is to engender a sense of curiosity. For, being curious is to be in a state of thinking. The search for knowledge is by its nature driven by curiosity. To the Public Administration community of scholarship may sound alien in the mainstream parlance of the discipline. This may also be the case in the current . So, the question is, what does mean?

This question is, for reasons of contextualisation of the discourse, very important. It is at the outset answered in a comprehensive manner. This is followed by the attempt to determine the impact of on Public Administration scholarship in its endeavour to create intellectual capital for a developmental state, which is the strategic transformation focus of the South African government in this second decade of democracy.

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