n Journal of Public Administration - Mind the service delivery gap : the application of Area-Based Management and Development (ABMD) model at Cato Manor in E-Thekwini

Volume 46, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Despite various state and civil society interventions in the area especially through the Cato Manor Development Association (CMDA) and Area-based Management and Development (ABMD), Cato Manor is still one of the most vulnerable communities. Cato Manor's situation is further aggravated by the prevalence of growing poverty and unemployment more particularly among young people and by HIV/AIDS. It is against this background that the article is aimed at examining the impact and application of the ABMD model especially in facilitating development, expediting service delivery and promoting local democracy. The triangulation methodology such as interviews, observations and secondary data was used in order to collect relevant data for this article. The article revealed that although a lot of finance was poured into Cato Manor there is limited development in terms of job creation, economic opportunities, service delivery and institutional development and empowerment. Due to the complexity of the area and the influx of people caused by rural to urban migration, for development intervention to be sustainable concerted effort that employs the convergence of grassroots (bottom-up) and government (top-down) approaches to development and development planning are imperative.

"Providing the political space is not enough. Human development depends on the extent to which citizens are able to make use of that space." (De Villiers, 2001:36)

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