n Journal of Public Administration - Regime change in public transport policy management in South Africa

Volume 46, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Public transport management in South Africa has undergone tremendous changes over the past ten years or so. Regime theory as a fundamental theory used to analyse public transport management in the 21st century has resulted in a number of changes in philosophical thinking in relation to managing public transportation. World-wide phenomena such as globalisation as a process reflective of the monopolistic accumulation of capital by multi-nationals mostly in the capitalist western world has changed the way we perceive and manage public transportation. Less developed countries, such as Guatemala, have demonstrated vested knowledge in improving public transport systems for urban areas. This article provokes thought in examining the changing philosophical thinking by public transport practitioners in the City of Johannesburg municipal jurisdiction. Emerging knowledge and practice trends reflective of the latest developmental yet pragmatic methods embedded within public administration and management practice in the sub-field of public transport management are the focus of discussion in this article.

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