n Journal of Public Administration - Independent vs the ruling party : a case of Maletswai Municipality

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Most analyses see electoral outcomes as a reflection of voters' evaluation of the incumbent leaders. Other literature, however, focuses our attention on the centrality of the institution of the party in attaining electoral victory. Parties do so through their efficient functioning as electoral machinery as well their ability to command a sizeable loyal following, galvanised by the values and the principles on which the party is founded and which it continues to espouse. That partisan following is just as critical in winning an election as getting new non-partisan voters. But loss of support among the partisan supporters, which is often forgiving of the party's mishaps, is even more perilous to the continuing popularity of a party.

This article examines the dynamics within the African National Congress (ANC) in relation to its performance in the recent local elections. It argues that the party's performance indicates a growing alienation of its traditional support-base. The article ascribes this phenomenon to local leaders' flouting of organisational principles in their determination to use the organisation as an instrument for material accumulation.

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