n Journal of Public Administration - Determining the role of academics in teaching and improving of public administration in the 21st century

Volume 47, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Public administration studies government functions including the implementation of government policies. It prepares public officials for careers in the public sector. As it is diverse in scope, it aims at advancing management and policies so that the government can function effectively. To better perform their functions, values such as equality, fraternity and democracy need to be inculcated in public officials. It is important to note that Higher Education Institutions need to intervene in training public officials in order to promote human development. This, in turn, poses an interesting paradox for Public Administration. Concerns such as the relevancy of public administration teaching and learning remain a huge challenge. Therefore this article examines the role of academics in improving public administration in the 21st century. This will be done by exploring the current challenges that public administration faces in the South African context. This article proposes the concept democratic curriculum as a solution to public administration challenges. To better explore this concept, this article further defines democracy and curriculum.

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