n Journal of Public Administration - Incremental housing process : a viable option for South Africa?

Volume 47, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The question that directs the discourse in this article is whether an incremental housing process is a viable option to deal with the challenge of housing in South Africa. Its contention is that this process of self-driven housing is, to a very great extent, a viable solution to the housing crisis. It reduces the housing needs of especially those in the rural areas who are unable to secure mortgage bonds because of the complexities of the tenure land security system built on the traditional communal rights, while their income levels disqualify them from benefitting from low-cost free subsidised houses. This argument is based on the findings of the study, , Sakane Mokgadinyane completed in 2012. The study was designed to create a better understanding of how poor rural households have been able to improve their housing conditions in the past, in line with the principles of sustainable human settlements. It assessed the extent to which the Rural Housing Loan Fund has implemented its mandate in certain areas in accordance with its mandate of providing rural poor households with credit solutions to build or extend their homes incrementally. This article uses the findings of the study, as referred to above, to authenticate the authenticity of the contention that the incremental housing process is a viable option for South Africa.

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