n Journal of Public Administration - Governance and public leadership : the missing links in service delivery in South Africa

Volume 47, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



In order to understand the spate of service delivery-related protests experienced in South Africa in the past years, in-depth participatory research, community based collaboration, as well as academic practitioner community debate, not hitherto utilised, is required. Service delivery related protests require a multipronged approach involving many stakeholders because of the many factors that may contribute to their cause. This implying that that the solutions to service delivery related protests calls for the assembly of many minds so as to ensure a collation of different ideas and in turn maybe ensure the achievement of the solution. Therefore based on this argument, service delivery related protests in South Africa cannot successfully be undertaken without reference to the concepts of governance and leadership, particularly good governance and public leadership. In light of the latter statement, this article argues that aspects such as governance and public leadership must be addressed in an attempt to solve service delivery related protests experienced in South Africa. This will be done as follows: Firstly, public service and public service delivery will be conceptualised. Secondly, service delivery related protests will be highlighted and the reasons behind these protests will be examined. Thirdly aspects of governance and leadership in service delivery will be explored. This article employs a qualitative approach, and data is collected by means of an extensive literature review of government and public documents, academic analysis, and findings on public leadership and good governance in enhancing service delivery.

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