n Journal of Public Administration - Globalisation and leadership in the industrial development

Volume 47, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The task of attracting foreign direct investment, which is central to the operation and success of Industrial Development Zones, is highly specialised and requires very specific global competencies. From the marketing practitioner who engages with multi-cultural target groups the world over to the industry sector specialist based in the zone, the leadership team must possess the competencies required to succeed in the global environment. Given the complexities of the global environment, it is essential that Industrial Development Zone leaders are skilled with more than just an adequate understanding and commitment to the task at hand. It is for this reason that many multinational organisations expend vast resources in providing their leaders with appropriate global leadership development. In this article, globalisation and the specific leadership competencies relevant to the Industrial Development Zones in South Africa are explored. The nature of globalisation and global experience are examined and their implications and challenges for leadership in the South African Industrial Development Zones discussed. Some factors affecting leaders in the zones are discussed alongside a non-exhaustive list of critical competencies necessary to operate in the global marketplace.

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