n Journal of Public Administration - South African municipal infrastructure grant : operational planning and budgeting for basic service delivery

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The lack of clear national direction on how municipalities should go about planning and budgeting leads to a slow pace of basic service delivery. This situation has prompted the significant need for transformation of municipal planning and budgeting of the Municipal Infrastructure Grant (MIG) programme, which would result in the improvement of basic service delivery. It is arguable that the National MIG unit must systematically establish a national strategy for basic services which will include the national priority, demonstrate capacity building at both national and local levels and fully own the MIG database at national level in order to influence the manner in which municipalities plan and budget for their basic services. The aim of this article is to examine the possibility check for transformation of municipal planning and budgeting to improve basic service delivery. There is a large body of literature on municipal infrastructure and best practice. This literature lacks insight into the academic debate on a reality check for transformation of planning and budgeting in government funded projects. The article argues that an improvement in the manner in which municipalities plan and budget for their MIG programmes will contribute towards improvement in basic service delivery. The article is meant to make an important contribution to empirical knowledge on best practice and municipal infrastructure, and its influence on policy decisions in the MIG programme in South Africa.

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