n Journal of Public Administration - Institutionalisation of knowledge management and parliamentary role of servicing democracy in South Africa : an opinion based on keynote address

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



do not recall any other provincial parliament in South Africa that has ventured into the subject of knowledge management as many parliamentarians or even managers tend to reduce knowledge management to a function of an Information Technology (IT) or Information Communication Technology (ICT) expert who is visualised as sitting in a quiet room working on a computer databank. This is, as subsequent discussion will reveal, a misnomer that is dangerous for any complex organisation such as parliament. The Gauteng Legislature is a trailblazer, a pioneer and pathfinder in this sense and I am almost certain other legislatures will follow suit in an effort to institutionalise knowledge management. The chosen theme captures the essence of the goals of this important intellectual gathering themed Each one of the core functions of the legislature is knowledge intense hence the inevitability of institutionalising the science, practice and art of knowledge management for optimal performance in fulfilling the constitutional mandate.

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