n Journal of Public Administration - Organisational work procedures and service efficiency : conceptual extrapolations and views from an organisational policy and procedures review process

Volume 48, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



This paper examines organisational work procedures as an important efficiency driver in the public sector. Using expositions in literature and drawing from some of the findings from a recent organisational policy and procedures review project, the paper examines the potential role that organisational procedures can play in service efficiency. The paper begins with an assessment of the scientific management concepts of work and efficiency against issues of equity and public value. The aim is to first, investigate the influence of these views in public administration as practiced in South Africa today; second, encourage greater interest in organisational work procedures as a credible research and practice area of Public Administration and third, engage the importance of an efficiency focused service delivery given the growing demands for services in South Africa. Literature and the review project findings indicate that organisational work procedures or processes in the public sector tend to be treated more as compliance tools than practical efficiency drivers. In a state with limited resources and intense public demands for services, the paper highlights the potential of work procedures as a tool for driving efficiency. The paper is envisioned as a foundation for future research on the utilisation of work procedures by South African public employees towards better efficiency.

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