n Journal of Public Administration - Generational consciousness and the context of time - an editorial essay

Volume 48, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



I penned this editorial essay with a sense of vindication. For, the South African Association of Public Administration and Management's (SAAPAM) commitment to cognitive justice is not in vain. Its dividends in various strategic areas that define our scholarship agenda are now beginning to show. That generation of scholars that for many years, in the field of public administration, has been destined to the periphery, rediscovered its consciousness and mustered the courage to, against all odds, challenge the hegemony of gerontocracy in the contestation of the knowledge space in defining the epistemological destiny of the discipline. It "emerged, from the spell of a trigger-marred night; battered, not bowed; bruised, not de-spirited; exhausted, not spent; suffering-bound, hardship-inspired, head-unbowed; gazing proudly at a fresh dawn impregnated with brilliance, dedication, achievements, integrity, comradeship, and humanity".

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