n Journal of Public Administration - The ideology of thought - a review of selected South African publications in public administration and management

Volume 48, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Selected articles published in scientific journals in the discipline of Public Administration and Management in South Africa appear to have not escaped the influence of ideological thinking. The pre-apartheid writings reflected the dominant thinking of scholars of that era, which were less protest-driven bordering on encouraging the maintenance of the apartheid ideology. The post-apartheid writings reflect the emergence of a confrontational thinking. Voices of deconstruction of what constitute public administration emerged with a sense of vigour and purpose. This article argues that ideology influences the way authors and scholars think and write about various phenomena in the field of public administration. In recent times the ideologies such as romanticism, liberalism and radicalism as primary ideologies are found in the discourse in the discipline. Language, symbols and practical articulation through speeches by public administration scholars suggest a dominant way of thinking within a particular context and time.

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