n Journal of Public Administration - Developing the global village : strategies for internationalizing public affairs programmes

Volume 48, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



This article provides a descriptive review of activities occurring at universities and professional organisations in the United States of America to assist students and faculty in the international learning that must occur in a globalised world. Findings include a variety of activities that are on-going; faculties are teaching courses abroad, helping develop curricula and organising/attending conferences internationally. Tuition and credit exchanges have been made available for students and studying abroad. Bilateral agreements have been found to be helpful in the execution of international activities. Programs like Fulbright and Erasmus help to facilitate and fund the exchanges. Professional associations are facilitating and providing opportunities for universities to get involved internationally. Universities in the United States (US) are opening campuses abroad. Faculty that does not engage on international activities claim that it is not in their academic program's mission or funds are lacking to support it. Those that participate, tend to take personal initiative to do so, and are encouraged by their organisation's mission, and see linkages between their international experience and research agenda. The article ends with prospectus for internationalising public affairs programs and strategies to ensure success of the global village.

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