n Journal of Public Administration - The path traversed - 20 years of democracy in South Africa : editorial

Volume 49, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



marks yet another important milestone in the evolution of the post-1994 South African state. It is a year that democracy in South Africa turns 20 years. In the context of how democracy fared in the post-colonial Africa, some thought that South Africa would not be able to sustain its commitment to democracy. Afro-pessimists argued that South Africa is to go the same route as the rest of the continent, which their false premonition is that the future of Africa is bleak because of a myriad of what is being characterised as intractable problems that arrest her potential to develop. The democratisation path traversed, and the extent to which, subsequently, democracy became consolidated, exposed the Afro-pessimist narratives of Africa as, in the words of Macedo, the "pedagogy of big lies" peddled through the modernisation theories that still largely undergird the epistemological foundation of what is being taught as public administration curricula in most universities.

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