n Journal of Public Administration - Developmental local government and the municipal remuneration structure for traditional authorities in South Africa : a broiling ethical inferno

Volume 49, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



This paper traces the impact of the remuneration structure of traditional leaders on their participation in municipal policies such as Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) in Vhembe District Municipalities. The paper reveals that the lack of remuneration structure for traditional leaders has the potential to derail their participation in the IDP processes as required by law. Further, it shows that traditional leaders in the Vhembe District Local Municipalities are excluded from the payroll of the municipalities and rely on the sitting allowance of R550-R773 per month to carry out their municipal council business. There is no policy-uniformity applied in the Vhembe District Municipalities on the payment of allowances to traditional leaders, which is also evident with councillors. In other municipalities these officials are paid cell phone and travel allowances in addition to the salaries they receive, while in others these benefits are not offered. This paper recommends that the , and should be revised to accommodate payment for traditional leaders' salaries. There should be a policy that regulates the allowances of traditional leaders. The same should happen for the allowances of councillors so that all municipalities provide the same benefits to all their public representatives.

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