n Journal of Public Administration - Growing trends and tendencies of corruption in the South African public service : negative contribution to service delivery

Volume 49, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Corruption is one of the elements that is plaguing the public sector and de-accelerating service delivery. Government departments, through public servants, are meant to be foot-soldiers of public service delivery; however, they are susceptible to corruption. Among the many challenges facing public service institutions in developing countries, corruption remains one of the most pervasive and the least confronted. Historically, donor agencies and their clients accepted the inevitability of corruption in public service delivery; and, it was at worst accepted as a necessary evil and at best the "grease" essential to move the wheels of economic development. Corruption needs to be understood as an unlawful arrangement between two or more parties who give or take in exchange for mutually beneficial favours and gains. In South Africa, "cadre deployment" and the tendering system (supply chain) evidently result in poor workmanship, nepotism and poor service provision. This paper examines how corruption, in its differing forms, affects service delivery in the South African public services.

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