n Journal of Public Administration - The application of the concept of strategic human resources management to the overall institutional strategy : a case study of Thulamela Municipality

Volume 49, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



This article focuses on the application of the concept of strategic human resources management (SHRM) to the overall strategy at Thulamela Municipality. Strategic human resources management is concerned with the contributions human resources strategies make to institutional effectiveness and the way these human strategies are applied. Important features underlying SHRM are fit, competitive edge and performance, which reflects the interactive role of practices and their relationship to the attainment of institutional strategy. This case study extends SHRM thinking to theory and research on applicability of SHRM concepts to Thulamela Municipality. The integrative approach and Guest model (1989) of human resources management (HRM) were used. The aim of the study was to examine to what extent the human resources management function in Thulamela Municipality has been implementing SHRM. Research findings have shown that Thulamela Municipality has adopted a number of approaches in applying the SHRM concept, including the multiple role model. The findings reveal that SHRM is to a lesser extent applicable to Thulamela Municipality.

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