n Journal of Public Administration - Administrative policies for good governance in Africa : makers, implementers, liars and no integrity

Volume 49, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



All governments on the globe including Africa's have adopted some form of policy for providing fair administrative government that would benefit the citizens. In democratic countries in Africa, the policies adopted are indeed made by the legislative authority, implemented by the executive and corrected by the courts of law in the country in cases of disputes among states and citizens, and citizens and citizens. This article uses a literature analysis to argue that while the making of policies is clear and the implementation is expected, in between these (the makers, the implementers and adjudicators) each would like to twist policy benefits against the primary intended purpose thereby compromising good governance. The article concludes that good governance in Africa is not equally possible because the makers of the law and the implementers would dodge the truth and resort to political lies in order to protect mischief in government without considering their integrity.

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