n Journal of Public Administration - Gender mainstreaming practices and women's career advancement at Bank of Uganda

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The purpose of the study was to establish the extent to which gender mainstreaming practices influenced women's career advancement in the Bank of Uganda (BOU). Specifically, the study strived to establish the extent to which internal recruitment practices, women safety practices and work-family balance practices influenced women's career development in the BOU. The study used a cross sectional design adopting both quantitative and qualitative approaches on a sample of 93 respondents. Data was collected using a questionnaire and interview guide. The study established that internal recruitment gender practice predicted 45.7%, women's safety practice predicted 46.6% while work-family balance predicted 36.3% of the variance in women's career advancement. The study concludes that the problem of women's career advancement in the BOU prevails and is highly associated with procedural inequality in internal recruitment and lack of an adequate gender affirmative action in the internal promotion process, sexual harassment, bullying, inflexible forms of work and inadequate employee assistance programmes. The study recommends that to foster women's career advancement and contribute to the achievement of MDG III, the management of the BOU should strongly commit itself to affirmative action through gender mainstreaming. The internal recruitment process should be adopted (with affirmative action) in the identification of talents for development (succession planning) to take up future managerial positions. The BOU management should strengthen the sexual harassment policies and concretise the bullying practice through sensitisation/awareness building and the implementation of adverse disciplinary action in proved cases, continuously exploit and adopt flexible work forms, and explore the provision of adequate employee assistance programmes such as day care centres and facilities, as well as sabbatical leave.

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