n Journal of Public Administration - Blue in the green economy : land use change and wetland shrinkage in Belvedere North and Epworth localities, Zimbabwe

Volume 50, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The blue in the green economy is an emerging term that speaks of the importance of water and wetlands in the green economy. The research sought to assess the extent of wetland degradation with respect to land use change, particularly housing and agriculture developments in Belvedere North and Epworth, Harare, Zimbabwe. The research made two important findings. Firstly, both the Belvedere North and Epworth wetlands have been severely degraded by anthropogenic activities, with housing developments and urban agriculture as the major contributors of this degradation. The development of residential properties in the wetlands results from the high demand for residential space in Harare. Secondly, the research found that wetland degradation was closely linked to the lack of clear wetland policies both at national and local levels. The study concludes that an integrated land use approach has the potential of minimising wetland loss and degradation.

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