n Journal of Public Administration - A model for assessing and shaping public service leadership development interventions

Volume 50, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



The improvement of public service leadership capabilities remains a complex and illusive challenge for governments and institutions across the world. There are divergent perspectives and approaches on the capacity interventions that are most relevant in context and time. A considered explanation is that initiatives unfold outside of a comprehensive conceptual framework of what is needed for the optimal development of leadership capable individuals, teams and institutions. In addressing this gap in public service leadership theorisation and development, an analysis of the current state of leadership knowledge and the evolution of the leadership construct in Public Administration is provided. This is done for the purpose of articulating a perspective on the adequacy of current approaches. As a step forward, a heuristic model for public service leadership development is outlined. The model is presented together with the terrains of intervention that are relevant in all areas of leadership development. To facilitate further reflection and the utilisation of the model for capability development purposes, the article concludes by outlining how the model can be contextually utilised.

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