n Journal of Public Administration - Milestones for gender equality in South Africa : 1994-2014

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Democratisation is a multi-dimensional process that occurs within a particular context in any country. The context is normally determined by, among others, the policy framework of the country concerned. This also applies to South Africa's democratisation process, the context of which is derived from the Constitution. The progress of the South African democratisation process can be assessed through growth, development and consolidation of the critical aspects of South Africa's democracy, which are espoused in the country's 1996 Constitution. These aspects include the founding provisions of this Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which include equality. The milestones that have been undertaken to address the issue of equality, in general, and gender equality, in particular, can be used to assess the extent to which the South African democratisation process has progressed in this regard. Prior to the introduction of democracy in 1994, the principle of equality did not receive the attention it deserved. This also applies to gender equality. However, over the past two decades (1994-2014), various pieces of legislation relating to gender equality have been promulgated. This has been accompanied by the establishment of various entities who are the custodians of gender equality. Examples, in this regard, include the Commission for Gender Equality and the Ministry of Women, Children and People Living with Disabilities. The current scenario indicates that there are some positive achievements on gender equality in South Africa. However, in spite of such achievements, it appears that much more needs to be done in pursuit of this goal. This paper reflects on the road travelled regarding gender equality and suggests ways of improving its implementation in South Africa.

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