n Journal of Public Administration - Public human resource practices and performance management development systems in the public sector : editorial

Special issue 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767



Asking a question about human resource management in the public sector has a specific purpose and intention. This is because, if vacant posts in the public sector are occupied by relevant and skilled officials, the issue of public service delivery and achievement of institutional goals and targets could be enhanced. However, the complex inherent nature of the public sector environment, regarding its efficiency and functioning, often render the issue of relevant and skilled officials a serious challenge. This is because there are cases where public sector posts are occupied by incumbents who are found to be inexperienced. A study of the Public Service Commission (2011) on the "Assessment of Human Resource Development (HRD) Practices in the public service", highlights that "one of the requirements that departments must comply with, as per the skills development legislation and HRD Strategies, is the formation of a structure such as an HRD/Skills committee". The Commission has further pointed out that, despite an overall compliance with the formation of such a structure, "during the interviews conducted with most of the HRD managers of the sampled departments, one of the greatest challenges faced by these committees was the postponement of meetings due to failure to quorate. This was specifically related to senior management service (SMS) stakeholders, who were members of the HRD committee, but who could not attend as a result of other commitments". This finding considers human resource issues as critical and deserving of such a scholarly discourse, in a manner which seeks to ensure a contribution in the field of this subject matter, to inform both government policy and praxis.

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