oa Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management - Social norms and compliance with road traffic rules in urban areas : initial impressions of drivers in Kampala, Uganda

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2310-8789
  • E-ISSN: 1995-5235



Since 1998, the government of Uganda has formulated traffic rules for road drivers, set penalties for violation of these rules and deployed traffic personnel to enforce compliance. However, there is continued non-compliance with these rules, particularly among drivers of personal vehicles on Kampala roads. It is likely that the actions of these drivers are influenced by individual or social perceptions and pressures (social norms). These social norms include injunctive norms (influences from people that drivers respect), descriptive norms (influences from other drivers' behaviour) and perceived behaviour control (drivers exploiting available opportunities). The study explores the existence of these norms among drivers of personal vehicles and analyses the way the norms affect compliance with road traffic rules when moderated by road obstructions and control systems in Kampala, Uganda.

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