oa Journal of Transport and Supply Chain Management - An innovative business model based on the integration of finance and logistics operations

Volume 6, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2310-8789
  • E-ISSN: 1995-5235



This article advances a new logistics financing model based on the notes receivable. This is a written promise to receive a stated amount of money in future. The article describes the structure and key processes of the model, and analyses the roles of the involved stakeholders. In order to enhance understanding, the article compares the model with a loan financing model, establishes a game model based on logistics enterprise financing, studies the strategies in the process of investment and financing, and concludes by defining its feasible region. This involves comparing the expected net revenues of different stakeholders in the two models. Based on the results, the paper analyses the financing process of a logistics enterprise in Shanghai and determines the optimal financing strategy. This paper is an attempt to improve business innovation in logistics financing and provides a sensible solution for the integrated logistics and finance services. This can effectively improve the stakeholders' profit.

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