oa Juta's Business Law - Credit card holder's conduct and credit limit

Volume 15, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-7061



Many years ago, when the credit card was still in its infancy and not widely used, the late Catherine Smith remarked that '[a] credit card, it is alleged, enables a person to buy goods he does not need, from a person he does not know, on conditions he does not understand, with money he does not have' (Catherine Smith 'Credit cards and the law' (1976) 39 107 at 112). Some years later, Visser emphasized the importance of a credit card limit when he stated that '[a] credit card allows the holder to use a credit line for the purchase of goods and services up to a predetermined limit determined by agreement between the issuer, usually a credit institution, and the card holder' (Coenraad Visser 'The evolution of electronic payment systems' (1989) 1 189 at 197).

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