n Acta Juridica - Narrating the Spirit of Justice : Part II - restorative justice, crime and (in)security in Africa




If one were to take a cursory glance at the discourses that dominate the studies of religion and justice, one might conclude that both of these disciplines lend themselves to 'worldviews' of polarities. Hence, some readers of this paper may already be feeling a discord when the conceptions of 'spirit' and 'justice' are joined together. The division between that which is secular (non-religious) and that which is sacred (religious) is often presented as compartmentally definitive and therefore, separate. Thus, in many circles of thought, the process of satisfying human 'justice' is conceived of as a public, secular undertaking and the process of spiritual 'transformation' is relegated to a private, sacred happening that occurs within the confines of specific religious strictures.


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