n Acta Juridica - Victim-offender dialogue in violent cases : a multi-site study in the United States : Part 1 - international trends in restorative justice




From its beginnings in Kitchener, Ontario in the mid-1970s, victim-offender mediation in North America has been largely utilised in situations of property crimes and minor assaults, and often focused on juvenile delinquents. With thousands of cases in more than 1 500 programmes in 17 countries, victim-offender mediation with property offences and minor assaults is the most widespread and empirically grounded expression of restorative justice in the world. Numerous studies have found the process of victim-offender mediation in less serious crimes to have a positive impact on victim and offender satisfaction, perceptions of fairness related to the mediation process and outcome, successful completion of restitution, and reduction of recidivism.


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