n South African Journal of Criminal Justice - Robbery with aggravating circumstances revisited : 2014 (1) SACR 437 (CC) : comments

Volume 27, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1011-8527
  • E-ISSN: 1996-2118



Robbery is a well-established offence within the context of South African criminal law manifesting itself on a daily basis. In essence robbery can be defined as theft of property by unlawfully and intentionally using violence to take the property from someone else; or threats of violence to induce the possessor of the property to submit to the taking of the property (CR Snyman 5ed (2008) 517; J Burchell 4ed (2013) 706; S Hoctor 'Examining the expanding crime of robbery' (2012) 25 361-378; J le Roux 'Vonnisoplegging by roof met verswarende omstandighede' (2005) 30 145 at 146; see also recent decisions such as 2013 (2) SACR 172 (SCA); 2013 (2) SACR 161 (SCA); 2014 (1) SACR 229 (GNP).

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