n South African Journal on Human Rights - John Dugard and the continuing struggle for international human rights

Volume 26, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0258-7203



This article focuses on John Dugard's important and continuing work done in the ongoing struggle for international human rights. It considers two apparently unrelated areas of Dugard's work. The first is his contribution to the field of diplomatic protection; the second is his work in the field of international criminal law. The author demonstrates that they are indeed related, at least insofar as they are both fields in which Professor Dugard's real concern - a concern for the rights of the individual - is on open display. They are also both fields in which Professor Dugard has excelled - indeed led - at an international level with work in Geneva, Cambridge and Leiden. The article demonstrates how, in both the fields of diplomatic protection and international criminal justice, Professor Dugard's work has most appropriately come to resonate at a professional and personal level back home in South Africa.

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