n South African Journal on Human Rights - Editorial note

Volume 28, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0258-7203



Please note that this issue of the will feel noticeably lighter in your hands. This lightness in mass should not be read as suggesting a lightness in content. In keeping with the journal's commitment to delivering rigorous and engaging content, this issue contains five articles and a book review. Notably, this issue also introduces a new section entitled 'Discourse and Debate.' Under this new section, the journal seeks to provide a platform for topical and provocative contributions submitted to the journal in the form of speeches or essays that would not ordinarily be included under any of the other sections. In this regard, the journal is honoured to have as its first contribution Justice Kate O'Reganâ??s thought-provoking speech entitled 'A Forum for Reason: Reflections on the Role and Work of the Constitutional Court'; it was originally delivered as the Helen Suzman Memorial Lecture.

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