n South African Law Journal - Stella Iuris : 100 Years of Teaching Law in Pietermaritzburg, Michael Kidd & Shannon Hoctor (Eds.) : book review

Volume 128, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0258-2503
  • E-ISSN: 1996-2177



With the centenary of South Africa as a nation state having been reached last year, those among us who appreciate the indulgence from time to time of reflecting on our past can look forward to an increasing flow of books such as this: a marking of a significant temporal milestone in the existence of an institution. The authors or editors of such volumes have a choice: they can either focus their efforts (and those of any fellow-contributors) entirely on different aspects of a particular history (see, for example, Denis Cowen & Daniel Visser (2004) SiberInk: Cape Town), or they can compile a sort of Festschrift, in which both history and unrelated contributions from those invited to pay tribute are brought together in celebration of the institution concerned. Professors Kidd and Hoctor have chosen the latter route. The result is a handsome and substantial volume, attractively enclosed within sturdy covers, and containing eighteen contributions, only three of which (and some well-chosen photographs and paintings at the end) deal directly with the history of the teaching of law in Pietermaritzburg.

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