n South African Law Journal - Juta & Co Ltd and the : a milestone

Volume 129, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0258-2503
  • E-ISSN: 1996-2177



It might be said that the relationship between a journal and its publisher is something like an arranged marriage: it is cultural rather than romantic, and it is more of a business deal carefully considered by those in charge of both sets of parties with quiet aspirations of a solid future than about the passion and emotion of the wedding. There is much that is controversial about the social construct of an arranged marriage, but the relationship between the and Juta & Company Ltd (to be referred to hereafter by its more common sobriquet in the legal profession: 'Juta') does seem to give credence to one of the most popular psychologies about the institution: that very often the relationship, a little uncertain at the start, grows stronger and more secure over time. The year 2011 marked the centenary of the publication of the by Juta: an exceptional anniversary. This is not a time to review the history of the relationship between Juta, the , and its various editors. This task has been carried out several times by Ellison Kahn in his inimitable style (see 'Fifty years of the under Union' (1960) 77 162; 'The birth and life of the ' (1983) 100 594; 'Foreword' to Patricia Cobbledick & Mervyn Dendy (1997); 'Farewell! Fifty years' hard work comes to an end' (1999) 116 691; 'Speech at the Juta Dinner at the Jubilee Conference' (2004) 121 271). But a short commemorative tribute seems apt to commemorate the liaison between the two parties.

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