n Journal for Juridical Science - Sexual Offences Courts : better justice for children?

Volume 31, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0258-252X



Child victims of sexual abuse are vulnerable witnesses who experience trauma and secondary victimisation when they testify in sexual abuse cases. Sexual Offences Courts aim to alleviate this problem in various ways. The main focus of this article is to examine the prescribed blueprint for Sexual Offences Courts in order to determine whether blueprint-compliant Sexual Offences Courts contribute to better justice for child victims of sexual offences. Each blueprint requirement is therefore analysed with the aim of determining whether possible advantages for child victims can be identified.The conclusion is reached that substantial advantages for child victims are provided by blueprint compliant Sexual Offences Courts. By 2005 54 Sexual Offences Courts were established countrywide and official statistics indicate that these courts are very successful. However, despite numerous commitments by government to establish more of these courts, a moratorium on the establishment of new courts was announced. It is argued that blueprint compliant Sexual Offences Courts do indeed provide better justice for children and therefore more of these courts should be established at a much faster rate.

Kinderslagoffers van seksuele mishandeling is kwesbare getuies, wat trauma en sekondêre viktimisering ervaar wanneer hulle in sake van seksuele misdrywe getuig. Die Howe vir Seksuele Misdrywe het ten doel om hierdie probleem op verskeie wyses aan te spreek. Hierdie artikel ondersoek hoofsaaklik die bloudruk vir Howe vir Seksuele Misdrywe om te bepaal of die hierdie howe bydra tot tot beter beregting vir kinderslagoffers van seksuele misdrywe. Al die bloudruk-vereistes is dus ontleed om te bepaal of die Howe vir Seksuele Misdrywe enige voordele inhou vir kinderslagoffers. Daar is tot die gevolgtrekking gekom dat hierdie howe inderdaad substansiële voordele bied vir die kinderslagoffer. Teen 2005 was daar landswyd 54 Howe vir Seksuele Misdrywe en amptelike statistieke dui aan dat hierdie howe baie suksesvol is.Ten spyte van verskeie ondernemings deur die regering om meer van hierdie howe daar te stel, is daar egter 'n moratorium geplaas op die instelling van verdere Howe vir Seksuele Misdrywe. Daar word aangevoer dat Howe vir Seksuele Misdrywe wat aan die bloudruk-vereistes voldoen, inderdaad beter beregting vir kinderslagoffers verseker en dat daar daarom meer van hierdie howe ingestel moet word teen 'n versnelde pas.

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