n Journal for Juridical Science - The relevance of prior trade mark use in the common law of the United Kingdom




In regard to the requirements for passing-off, a reputation is a necessary element. A goodwill in the country is required. With regard to the acquisition of rights, some decisions held that a business could be protected even prior to its commencement of trading. With regard to concurrent use, it can relate to a group of plaintiffs. Use of a mark by unrelated parties can have the effect that neither party can act against the other. Insofar as the honesty of the adoption of a mark is concerned, the position appears to be that it is possible to obtain protection, even though the plaintiff was aware of the use of the mark by another.

Die regsposisie in die Britse reg blyk te wees dat, insoverre dit aanklamping betref, die vereiste van reputasie gestel word. 'Goodwill' in die land is ook 'n vereiste. Met betrekking tot de verkryging van regte, het sommige sake beslis dat 'n onderneming beskerming kan verkry selfs voodat daar begin is om handel te dryf. Insoverre dit gelyktydige gebruik betref, kan dit in verband gebring word met 'n groep eisers. Gebruik deur onverwante partye kan beteken dat geeneen van die partye teen mekaar kan optree nie. Met betrekking tot die eerlikheid van die aanvaarding van 'n handelsmerk, blyk dit dat beskerming moontlik is, al was die gebruiker bewus van die gebruik van die merk deur 'n ander persoon.


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