n Journal for Juridical Science - The law of divorce and dissolution of life partnerships in South Africa, Jacqueline Heaton : book review

Volume 40, Issue 1_2
  • ISSN : 0258-252X



Jackie Heaton's latest contribution to the family law domain is formidable - 777 pages of carefully crafted opinions and discussions of the law affecting divorce and dissolution of life partnerships. Given the range, diversity and depth of issues in this area, it is no wonder that she calls on those being among the best in their field to assist her in writing up the book. The book consists of five parts. Part 1 deals with the dissolution of a civil marriage or civil union by divorce (with contributions by JA Robinson, JC Sonnekus, J Heaton, T Boezaart and M de Jong). Parts 2 and 3 explore the dissolution of a customary marriage and religious (Muslim and Hindu) marriages by divorce written by C Himonga (Part 2) and N Moosa and C Rautenbach (Part 3), respectively. In Part 4, B Smith discusses the dissolution of a life or domestic partnership, and Part 5 covers a miscellany of issues from domestic violence (E Bonthuys) to jurisdiction, procedure and costs (A Catto) to mediation and other appropriate forms of alternative dispute resolution upon divorce (M de Jong) and conflict of laws (C Schulze).

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