n Journal for Juridical Science - Perspectives on the law of partnerships in South Africa, J.J. Henning : review

Volume 41, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0258-252X



The last word (well almost) on partnership!

As Judge Frederick Brand observes in the preface to Perspectives on the law of partnership in South Africa, given the significance of partnership law, it is surprising that the contribution of scholars has been, with one very notable exception, somewhat limited. The exception being, as judge Brand points out, Professor Johan Henning. The learned judge also observes that Johan Henning's contribution to scholarly writing on the law of partnership, especially in southern Africa, but also internationally has been second to none. His most recent contribution follows a long and distinguished list of publications ranging from substantial practitioner-oriented works to perceptive focused treatises on particular aspects of the law. In many ways, the present work has the advantage of drawing together this vast array of informed comment and analysis refined over a long and highly distinguished academic career - in which Professor Henning has made significant contributions to far more than the law of partnership!

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