n Kleio - The Shaping of Africa. Cosmographic Discourse and Cartographic Science in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Francesc Relano : book review




Extracted from text ... THE SHAPINGOF AFRICA. COSMOGRAPHIC DISCOURSE AND CARTOGRAPHIC SCIENCE IN LATE MEDIEVAL AND EARLY MODERN EUROPE Francesc Relan?o Aldershot: Ashgate, 2002, x + 271 pp., maps, bibl., index. ISBN 0-7546-0239-7 The deconstruction of the Eurocentric `idea of Africa' has recently been undertaken by a number of scholars, including the philosopher V. Y. Mudimbe, The Idea of Africa (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1994). Relan?o, however, is a political scientist and historian of cartography. He argues that `Africa' as a concept defined by spatial and temporal boundaries emerged only in the Renaissance period. In antiquity and during the Middle Ages the existence ..


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