n Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship = Koers : Bulletin vir Christelike Wetenskap - The Chinese House Church Movement in South Africa : original research

Volume 80, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0023-270X



Die doel van hierdie navorsing is om die Chinese huiskerkbeweging in Suid-Afrika by wyse van akademiese ondersoek aan die orde te stel en 'n inleidende bespreking te bied van hierdie belangrike gebeurtenis in sendingwetenskap. Hierdie navorsing behels van die heel eerste beskrywings en navorsing oor hierdie haas onbekende verskynsel. Die bespreking geskied aan die hand van Alan Hirsch se konsep van apostoliese impak en die sogenaamde 'Jesus People'-beweging, toegepas op Chinese huiskerke in China en Suid-Afrika. Die navorsing skets 'n kort oorsig oor die kerk in China om sodoende konteks te skep vir die gebeure in Suid-Afrika. Die inleidende bespreking van die Chinese huiskerke geskied aan die hand van 'deelnemende waarneming'. Die navorsing vervolg met voorstelle vir die verdere ontwikkeling van die huiskerke in Suid-Afrika.

The purpose of the research is to provide an academic introduction to the Chinese House Church Movement in South Africa, and to give a brief description of the importance of this new missiological event - for, even though the presence of these churches is well known, little is known about the churches themselves. This research represents some of the very first explorations and missiological reflections on this phenomenon in South Africa. Therefore, in this article Alan Hirsch's idea of 'apostolic genius' and its connection to 'Jesus People' Movements and their impact is explored within the context of the Chinese church, both in mainland China and in South Africa. A brief history of the church in China is provided as background and context for an exploration of the Chinese House Church Movement in South Africa - through 'participant observation'. Consequently, suggestions are made as to ways in which one can more effectively assist already existing Chinese house churches, as well as with the establishment of more Chinese house churches. As this is a previously mostly 'unknown' and/or closed-off community, the research undertaken in this article is of great importance as an initial exploration and missiological reflection on this phenomenon.

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