oa Kronos : Journal of Cape History - Vergeet die arbeiders en wen die 'kleurlinge': die 'swart gevaar' propaganda in Kaapland gedurende die parlementere verkiesingstryd van 1928 tot 1929

Volume 18, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0259-0190



This article outlines the motives of the Pact Government for adopting ""swart gevaar"" (black peril) propaganda during the parliamentary election campaign of 1928 to 1929, and analyses the arguments which the Pact and its Cape press (especially Die Burger) devised to try to win the 'Coloured' vote. It also throws light on the political divisions within 'Coloured' ranks and explains why the National Party anticipated strong 'Coloured' support as a result of the activities of the pro-Pact Afrikaanse Nasionale Bond and the high expectations which Die Burger had engendered in its readers. The serious overestimation by the Pact of the extent of its 'Coloured' support - and hence its disillusionment - on voting day, 12 June 1929, is interpreted as the justification for the waiving of the National Party's so-called new deal for the 'Coloureds'. The 1929 election is therefore construed as a formative historical moment in the political fortunes of the 'Coloured' community.

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