oa Kronos : Journal of Cape History - Kleurlinge is ook Swart' swartbewustheid in die Wes-Kaap tot 1977

Volume 22, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0259-0190



This article focuses on Black Consciousness in the Western Cape up to 1977, when all Black Consciousness organisations were banned in South Africa. The article attempts to fill a gap in the existing historiography regarding a theme as well as a region which still has to be researched extensively. Most existing literature deal with the theme either as part of a broader theme, as part of a national study or as a brief moment in the evolution of the struggle against apartheid. The article argues that with such an approach much of the regional dimensions are either dealt with superficially or completely overlooked. It is therefore an attempt to highlight some of the developments in the Western Cape which is otherwise lost in a national overview of the history of black (consciousness) resistance in South African. The article furthermore attempts to contribute to the current debate around the issue of coloured identity and particularly the views which the Black Consciousness Movement espoused from the late sixties to about 1977 - a perspective which is not really reflected in the current debate. In the article Black Consciousness is, first of all, situated in a national and international context: to focus on aspects which hitherto have been de-emphasised or completely overlooked. One critical example is SASO's emphasis on education and particularly its decision at the 1974 General Students Council against the implementation of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction. Eventually it was left to their parents to take up the issue with State structures. In its regional focus the article analyzes the various organisational and popular forms of Black Consciousness.

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